Anglia Oils Ltd supplies approx. 1,000,000 litre of cooking oil per year, offering a wide variety of cooking oils that are mandatory for UK and EU regulations.

We assign a dedicated account executive to arrange your cooking oil delivery schedule, and it’s our policy that our customers should never run out of fresh cooking oil. If you do, and it’s our fault, we guarantee to courier enough to see you though until your next delivery, free of charge.

Our cooking oils are produced from soya bean, rapeseed, sunflower and corn. All cooking oil has an approximate smoke point of 235 0c and flash point of 308 0c. All liquid vegetable oils are golden in colour and contain 99 % fat. Other ingredients include E900 and anti foaming agent.

Not only do we supply standard vegetable oils, but also we have a wide range of extended life oils, long life oils and olive oils. Please see products. Long life vegetable oils are white in colour, contain the same ingredients but solidify by hydrogenation process for longer lasting results.

All of our fresh cooking oil can also be supplied in a wide range of containers from 15 litres to 20 litres

  • Plastic bottle in a box
  • Plastic buckets
  • Tin cans

Order more than 80 litres and Anglian Oils Ltd will collect your waste cooking oil FREE.