It’s a staggering fact that in the UK more than 10,000 tonnes of UCO (Used Cooking Oil / Waste Oil) is produced every week. Until recently, 90% was used in animal feed, but EU legislation now prevents this as a means of waste oil disposal. Unsurprisingly, how businesses dispense with waste cooking oil is, and will increasingly be closely monitored. Illegal fly-tipping is potentially hazardous, and it is in all our interests to ensure the industry is law abiding if it is to escape more punitive legislation. If your current waste oil collection company is not registered, YOUR COMPANY IS BREAKING THE LAW.

It is the responsibility of the producers of used cooking oil (caterers) to ensure they follow the Duty Of Care standards set by the EU;

1. Used Cooking Oil MUST be collected by a registered, Licensed waste carrier collection company.

2. Producers MUST sign and receive a ‘Controlled Waste Transfer Collection Note’.

3. Used cooking oil MUST be in lidded containers.

Anglian Oils Ltd collects and processes approx. 6,000 tons of used / waste cooking oil per year, for over 5000 companies for more than 30 years. Each time we collect used cooking oil, we leave a waste transfer note to certify that your used cooking oil is being disposed of legally. We are fully licensed and insured to protect all of our customers, and our business is regularly audited to meet all regulations.

We provide appropriate containers ranging from 15 litres to 1000 litres alternately oil can be returned in its original container as long as it meets duty of care requirements.

We make waste cooking oil collections weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or as required just discuss with your account executive how frequently you would like us to call, and we’ll do the rest.

Used cooking oil is processed (heated, cleaned and then filtered) before going into Bio-diesel for industrial or private use. Bio-diesel can now be purchased from fuel stations scattered round the country. Using Bio-diesel has great advantages for your vehicle and the Environment. Bio-diesel is an organic fuel, does not add any carbon into the atmosphere unlike fossil fuels, and can also be used for burning in power stations, producing clean energy, and as a lubrication.

Anglia Oils Ltd is committed to the ongoing development of Biodiesel Bioflame, and Energy Production.

If you are a collector of waste cooking oil in the UK and are looking for a competitive rate, please call our office where we will be happy to discuss this further.

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